Autochromes Lumière

Photographic Industrialist Union, Lumière and Jougla United Establishments (1911-1928)

Antoine Lumière died in Paris on April 15, 1911. But before his death, on November 5, 1910, he had passed his entire inheritance on to his six children: Auguste, Louis, Jeanne (Koehler), Juliette (Gélibert), France (Winckler) and Edouard. The Lumière brothers decided to enlarge their industrial and commercial means, and that same year the merger of the Lumière and Jougla firms was announced under the name U.P.I (Union photographique industrielle, établissement Lumière et Jougla réunis). The news was received favourably in the press.

The Jougla Company was originally founded by Graffe and Jougla in Perreaux in 1882, and had become a strong and dynamic competitor within France and abroad. They owned a substantial factory on 2 hectares of land in Joinville-le-Pont. At the time, examining the two companies, we see that the Lumières had a financial base three times that of Jougla. The Union Photographique Industrielle now possessed a total capital of 6,720,000 francs and they set up its general administrative offices in Paris at 82, rue de Rivoli. The U.P.I. would continue until 1928.

In 1924, Henri Lumière was named acting director of the U.P.I., and in 1925, Auguste and Louis withdrew definitively from the Board of Directors in order to devote themselves to other pursuits, one to natural sciences and the other to physics.