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"Through his pleasant disposition, his good humour, his drive, his affiliation with many societies, his warm voice with its pleasant baritone, his talent at painting, my father made brilliant contacts." Auguste Lumière, Mes Travaux et mes Jours, éditions La Colombe (1952)

Constantin, The Watercolourist
A watercolour painter, specialising in still-life paintings and landscapes, August Constantin August Constantin
Constantin, Auguste-Aristide-Ferdinand, painter, b: Paris, February 12, 1824 - d: ibid. November 6, 1895
encountered Antoine Lumière in Paris in 1858. He taught Antoine to paint and truly became an adoptive father to him. He provided the sum of 5000 francs, which allowed the young Lumière to pay for a replacement for his army service. In homage to his benefactor, Antoine Lumière would name his first born Auguste. This grand-father by adoption would be the witness at Antoine's wedding, and then, twenty-years later, at that of Auguste and Juliette Lumière. The paintings of Auguste Constantin would adorn the residences of the Lumière family for years to come.

Roybet, the Painter
A painter recognized by his quick and precise touch, Ferdinand Roybet Ferdinand Roybet
Roybet, Ferdinand, artist, b: Uzès (Gard), April 12, 1840 - d: Paris, 1920
taught painting to Antoine Lumière at the turn of the century. A portraitist of great talent, he also painted his student in 1901, a work shown at the Salon des artistes français in 1902 and which is today part of the collections of the Institut Lumière.

Mercié, The Sculptor
A sculptor inspired with an ardent patriotism, Antonin Mercié Antonin Mercié
Mercié, Jean-Marius-Antoine (Antonin), sculptor, b: Toulouse (Hte-Garonne), October 30, 1845 - d: Paris 6e, December 14, 1916

covered all of France with his works: from the walls of the Louvre to the halls of the great museums. Among his numerous pieces were many monumental statues of Jeanne d'Arc, including the Jeanne d'Arc relevant l'épée de la France à Domrémi in 1902. A replica in bronze watched from the centre of the great basin at the access to the Lumière property Le Clos des Plages in La Ciotat, but unfortunately the work went missing in 1925. In 1906, Mercié also created the commemorative monument dedicated to Armand Silvestre, commissioned by Antoine Lumière.

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