Autochromes Lumière


The Scientific Colleagues

"It was in 1894 that I first met August and Louis Lumière, at the home of my friend Alphonse Winckler. Immediately seduced by the simplicity of their reception and by the expanse of their knowledge, I soon became a guest of the house." Eulogy of Léon Bérard to August Lumère. L'Avenir Médical, special volume, October, 1954.

Two Examples from the Lyon School of Medecine
Professor of medical surgery, member of the Académie de médecine, correspondent of the Académie des sciences, head of the clinic, and then surgeon at the Lyon hospital, Léon Bérard Léon Bérard
Bérard, Léon, surgeon and professor of surgery, b: Morez (Jura), February 17, 1870 - d: Lyon, September 2, 1956

was one of the major figures of the Lyon Medical School of the 20th century. Originally from Morez, as were the Wincklers, his relations with the Lumières would never cease to develop. In 1901, he presented, with Auguste Lumière, a presentation to the Académie de médecine on the theme De la photographie des couleurs, (procédé de MM A. et L Lumière), appliquée aux sciences médicales [On the Photography of Colours (MM A. and L Lumière Process), Applied to the Medical Sciences]. He produced a collection of Autochromes to illustrate his research in surgery with the images of professor Letulle. During the First World War, Auguste and Léon opened a hospital in Lyon. In 1923, Léon Bérard created the cancer centre that still carries his name today. Even though their theories on the origins of diseases differed greatly on a number of points, in particular those of cancer, they were nonetheless very close. We attribute to this great innovator and theoretician the authorship of many treaties, communications and medical

A doctor of medicine, Paul Vigne Paul Vigne
Vigne, Paul, doctor, b: Savines (Htes-Alpes), July 5, 1942 - d: Lyon, 1942

entered the service school of the Santé militaire in 1897. A specialist of bacteriology and of hygiene, his publications and his research brought him to the Lumière Laboratories in biology and experimental physiology. Later dispatched as the director of the bureau of hygiene in Lyon, this attentive collaborator of Auguste Lumière directed, since its creation in 1904, the review l'Avenir médical founded by his mentor. He was the recognised biographer of Auguste Lumière in La Vie laborieuse et féconde d'Auguste Lumière, published in 1942, a work recognised for its collection of rare contemporary testimonies relevant to the history of the Lumière family.

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