Autochromes Lumière


Friends in Photography and Film-Making

Two Compatriot Portraitists
A painter like Antoine Lumière, Pierre Bellingard Pierre Bellingard
Bellingard, Pierre-Jacques, painter and photographer, b: Lyon 1er, January 1847 - date of death unknown
practised carbon-based photography very early on. He popularised the employment of the technique through a number of works and received numerous exhibition awards: a Gold Medal at Barcelona and at London in 1888, he received a place of honour at the World Fair in Lyon in 1889 and then, in 1894, he was offered the vice-presidency of the photography section. At the turn of the century, he entered into employment at the Lumière Factories. He was immediately drawn to the family and was affectionately dubbed "papis" [grandpa]. An intimate friend of the Lumières, he was a witness at the wedding of Juliette Lumière and Armand Gélibert, and then godfather to their daughter Hélène. He owned the château Rochetaillée, which is today the Henri Malartre Museum of Automobiles.

Though he was one of a number of important Parisian medical practitioners, Eugène Pirou Eugène Pirou
Pirou, Louis Eugène, photographer, b: Thubeuf (Orne), September 26, 1841 - d: Chaville (Hauts-de-Seine), September 30, 1909

was first known to the general public through a series of portraits of the National Guard and of the Commundards. Photographer to the President of France, of the Institut de France, of a number of foreign courts, the army, the diplomatic corps and of many contemporary celebrities, he created one of the most important Parisian houses of photography on boulevard Saint-Germain. He also created many branch offices in the capital.  A friend of Antoine Lumière, they most likely met each other at the occasion of a Masonic convent, as Pirou had been received into the Masonry on the 26th of December, 1866, in the lodge of the Sept Écossais Unis.