Autochromes Lumière

The Salon du goût français

The Autochromes of the Salon du goût français [Exposition of French Fashion] make up an exceptional collection, presenting the wares of the French luxury industry of from 1921 to 1923. These photographs show us the trends in fashion between the two World Wars from domains as varied as clothing, tableware, furnishing, automotives and toys. They reveal the expertise and the inspiration of French haute couture, metalwork, jewellery and binding.

The Autochromes of the collection were presented illuminated in light boxes, which were a marvel for spectators. The colours and the materials of the objects on sale were elevated to a higher level by the photographic process. The editor, Maurice Devriès, was behind three Salons that took place in Paris at the Palais de glace. There were many participants and the exhibition brought together some of the biggest names, such as Chanel, Baccarat, Van Cleef and Panhard-Levassor amongst others.

The concept was even more enticing for the merchants, as they weren't required to invest any money or manage any staff to display their products. The Autochrome became the ideal medium for promoting their collections, in France and abroad. The size of plates even allowed the entire collection to be loaded aboard a cruise ship bound for America.

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