Autochromes Lumière


Wine-Growing Ancestors

From Their Origins at Haut-Saône
The origins of the family Lumière are known as far back as 1754, when they were situated in the village of  Jonvelle (Haute-Saône). On the 17th of January, 1775, François Lumière François Lumière
Lumière, François, wine-grower, b: around 1754 - d: Bousseraucourt (Hte-Saône), May 28, 1826
married Louise Landiot Louise Landiot
Landiot, Louise, wine-grower, b: Bourbévelle (Hte-Saône), May 21, 1742 - d: ibid. February 11, 1814

, who was 33 at the time. François was the illegitimate son of Claude Lumière Claude Lumière
Lumière, Claude, dates unknown

and Hélène Robin Hélène Robin
Robin, Hélène, b: Jonvelle (Hte-Saône), September 28, 1729 - d: ibid. October 10, 1805

, who are the oldest known ancestors of the Lumière family. The couple then had five children, of whom only François-Léopold François-Léopold
Lumière, François-Léopold, wine-grower, b: Jonvelle (Hte-Saône), November 19, 1778 - d: ibid. March 28, 1841

transmitted the Lumière name. He married Anne Ferniot Anne Ferniot
Ferniot, Jeanne (Anne), wine-grower, b: Jonvelle (Hte-Saône), October 28, 1769 - d: ibid. November 4, 1847

and their only son carried on the name. On the 2nd of May, 1821, Nicolas Nicolas
Lumière, Nicolas, wine-grower and agricultural mechanic, b: Jonvelle (Hte-Saône), April 28, 1897 - d: Paris 5e, June 4, 1854

married a midwife named Louise Huguenin Louise Huguenin
Huguenin, Louise, midwife, b: January 1, 1800 - d: Paris 9e, April 25, 1854

; they had three children: Françoise, Marie, and Claude-Antoine Lumière, the founding father.

Children of the Land
The Lumières were wine-growers for four generations: from 1775 to 1911, François, François-Lépold, Nicolas, and even Antoine Lumière himself, were vinegrowers. It should be noted that the grand-parents of Antoine Lumière, though neither wealthy nor educated, could sign their names. It was through the donation of a benefactor that François-Léopold Lumière came into possession of a house with a garden in Jonvelle, along with a small 1 Ha plot of land, comprising some grape-vines and hemp plants along the banks of the Saône. Such a small but valuable piece of land could provide a significant revenue to the country-man of the day. Thus, we can imagine that the Lumière family, without being rich, would not have had any more financial trouble at the time.

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