Autochromes Lumière


Louis, The Inventor

"I was often called an inventor, which brought to the mind of many people the image of an old maniac who dedicated himself completely to realising these frequently baroque or chimeric devices. But all those who reflect and meditate, are they not also inventors?" Louis Lumière
Paving the Way of Discovery
Even though the Cinematograph certainly propelled him into the ranks of universal celebrity, it was not his favourite invention. The father of the Moulin à images always claimed that what had cost him the most and what he was most proud of was the Autochrome. "Louis Lumière had the gift of intuition, for finding an emulsion, for choosing between 2,000 colourants that might have been suitable for the Autochrome plate. While Auguste was more Cartesian, Louis benefited from a kind of sixth sense." Jean-Michel Lefrancq, son-in-law of Louis Lumière.

Louis also devised a considerable number of devices touching on fields as varied as image production, the transmission of sound, mechanics and electricity. In his mind, these discoveries were the result of many fruitful exchanges with his brother Auguste. Together, the two brothers were the authors of the laws of organic developing agents and three hundred other inventions in the photographic domain. Their work would revolutionise the production of plates of silver bromide gelatin emulsion, for example, when in 1884 they commercialised the  Etiquette Bleue Etiquette Bleue
Etiquette Bleue [Blue Label] plate, the formula was made the object of a patent, in order to safe-guard the secret of its manufacture.
brand of photographic plates.

The emulsion of the Lumière brothers was greatly improved on what had been available at the time, consistent, ready to use, reliable and instantaneous, and it would become the fame and the fortune of the Lumière family.
Photographer, industrialist, chemist and inventor, member of numerous scholarly societies, elected in 1919 to the Academy of Sciences, Louis Lumière Louis Lumière
Lumière, Louis-Jean, chemist, inventor, industrialist, father of the cinématograph and the Autochrome. b: Besançon (Doubs), October 5, 1864 ? d: Bandol (Var), June 9, 1948.
was the co-founder, with his brother, of the Société des plaques et papiers photographiques Antoine Lumière et ses fils
"At the heart of an already long career, if I have been brought to resolve certain problems of a diverse nature and allowed myself to be led to some fortunate realizations with certain repercussions, it was through being guided by the pleasure, by the need to know, that I was content to work all my life." Louis Lumière.

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