Autochromes Lumière


The Family Circle

Joséphine, Jeanne, René, Amand, Édouard
Antoine Lumière's wife, Joséphine Costille Joséphine Costille
Costille, Jeanne-Joséphine, b: Paris 5e, July 19, 1841 - d: Lyon 3e, December 20, 1915
was in charge of the photographic retouches. Her son Auguste would later recall: "my mother was my father's collaborator; not only would she receive clientèle and do the books but she could also perform certain professional operations with great skill; no one was as good as she at producing a uniformity of tone on the colours of the prints."

From the age of 15, the sister of Auguste and Louis, Jeanne Lumière Jeanne Lumière

Lumière, Jeanne-Claudine-Odette, Besançon (Doubs), b: April 2, 1870 - d: Lyon, December 20, 1926

, participated in conditioning and shipping the silver bromide gelatin plates. She also practised Autochrome photography with enthusiasm and diligence. A nurse in the First World War, she received numerous medals for her dedication and devotion. Jeanne also contributed to the professional orientation of the women of her era; her influence was felt in the domains of social hygiene, infancy, and in the security of women in difficulties. A Member of the Administrative Council of the Union of French Women, she was also vice-president of the Lyon chapter of the Pupilles de la Nation. In 1925, from the hands of her brother Auguste, she received the insignia of Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur [Knight of the Legion of Honour].

Doctor, zoologist, professor at the Faculty of Sciences at Lyon, René Koehler René Koehler
Koehler, Jean-Baptiste-François-René, doctor and university professor, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (Vosges), b: March 7, 1860 - d: Lyon 3e, April 19, 1931
married Jeanne Lumière in 1890. Following his brother-in-law, he studied photography and in 1893 he published Les Applications de la photographie aux sciences naturelles [The Application of Photography to the Natural Sciences]. He collaborated with Prince Albert I of Monaco, and was an prominent specialist of starfish in charge of studying the echinoderms. He returned to France at the time of the great French oceanographic expeditions. His works were published in numerous special volumes and he was also the administrative delegate of the Société des produits chimiques spéciaux "Brevets Lumière" [Society of Special Chemical Products "Lumière Patents"].

A medical practitioner with a great heart, Amand Gélibert Amand Gélibert
Gélibert, Amand-Louis-Henri, doctor, b: Jujurieux (Ain), October 29, 1871 - d: Lyon 8e, December 23, 1938

opened his office in Lyon at 231, cours Gambetta, facing the Lumière Factories. He married Juliette Lumière Juliette Lumière
Lumière, Mélina-Juliette, b: Lyon 2e, September 30, 1873 - d: Montpellier (Hérault), January 25, 1924
at Evian-les-Bains in 1901. Amand was a true mentor for Auguste Lumière, for whom he was considered a vieux patron. During the First World War, he was a head-doctor with the Armies of the East, in Thessaloniki, and after that in Lyon and Paris. He then dedicated himself to charitable works around his district, creating the Jeanne Koehler-Lumière Foundation.

The middle brother of August and Louis, Edouard Lumière Edouard Lumière

Lumière, Pétrus-Edouard, photographer, chemist, industrialist and inventor, b: Lyon 2e, November 18, 1884 - d: Saint-Sauveur (Hte-Saône), April 17, 1917

enlisted into the army in 1903, aspiring towards a Licence Degree in the sciences. In 1907-08, he stayed in New York, where he studied new techniques in the area of publicity. Thus, upon his return to Paris in 1910, he founded the advertising agency of the Lumière family. He produced many patents of his own, including a chassis for changing images (1910) and a frame for lighted images (1911). Recalled under the banner in 1914, he became an aeroplane pilot during the war, where he set up a system for nocturnal aviation repair. Edouard carried out numerous flights before his death, in 1917, at the command of his plane.

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