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The Freemasons

Itinerary of Antoine Lumière, Freemason
On the 22nd of December, 1865, Antoine Lumière was initiated into the Freemasons, by the Byzantine lodge Sincérité, Parfaite Union et Constante Amitié réunies (S.P.U.C.A.R.). The young initiate's name  seemed to predestine him for the Masons, as the word "lumière" itself stands for the masonic initiation. Affiliated with the Grand Orient de France (G.O.D.F), the S.P.U.C.A.R lodge associated spiritualism and liberalism. Within the lodge, Antoine met many leading personalities of the region. He discovered the Masonic and Saint-Simonian doctrines that moulded his conscience and would guide him for the rest of his life. In April, 1876, he passed to the level of Companion, and then, on the 17th of August, he was elected to the grade of Master Mason. On the 24th  of May, 1876, he entered the Étoile et Compas lodge of Lyon, which he remained a member until his death. He sponsored many honourable men, including his friend Edouard Thiers. On the 26th of December, 1880, he was elected Venerable Master of his lodge. In 1889, he was delegate of the lodge at the convent of the G.O.D.F. On this occasion, he met Lazare Sellier, with whom he founded the lodge La Lumière du Sud in La Ciotat in 1890, and it was in 1897 that the lodge received the blessing of the G.O.D.F., while Antoine was the Second Surveyor. The same year, he was awarded the 31st and 32nd degrees of the Rite écossais Ancien et Accepté [Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite]. In 1889, he assumed the national responsibilities within the Grand Collège des Rites of the G.O.D.F. In the end, Antoine attained the 33rd degree, the highest rung of this rite.

Two other members of the Lumière family also joined the Masons. Auguste Lumière was initiated into the order on the 12th of October, 1881 at the  Étoile et Compas lodge and passed quickly to the first grade of the Honorarium. He also seems to have been associated with the La Lumière du Sud, without participating in their works. René Koehler was initiated on the 7th of July, 1920 at the La Lumière du Sud, but was never an active member.

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